Vibration Exercise Testimonials

Vibration Exercise the new way to get fit fast

Vibration Exercise is one of the fastest growing sectors in the personal fitness sector, and for good reason. People are seeing results and the word in spreading like wildfire. Many people who have tired and tired in the past to loose weight, but had no or little success, when using Vibration Exercise as a means of exercise they are finding that the pounds that they have been wanting to shed for so long are finally coming off. Women loosing dress sizes, men loosing the love handles that they have been carrying with them for years, all because they were introduced to vibration exercise. Really. What are you waiting for. Buy your Vibration Exercise unit today. People are having great success with whole body exercise machines and the word is spreading. Spreading like wildfire, people are experiencing the benefits of vibration exercise, and telling thier friends and family members about the benefits, from vibration exercise. Anyone who has used a whole body vibration machine knows and understands the benefits that one experiences from the moment that they set foot on the machine. Vibration Exercise you feel the positive effects right away. 

Whole body vibration machine experience

I knew from the first time that I set foot on an whole body vibration machine, that it would help with the many issues that I had been suffering from over the last 10 years. As we all get older and start feeling the aches and pains as we all do as get on in our years.  Suffering with both arthritis and osteoporosis and tired of taking prescription drugs, I decided to do a bit of research on alternative solutions, is when I first stumbled upon the benefit of using a whole body vibration machine. Stop the drugs find a better way. By using a whole body vibration machine you can find the repief from the pain you are stuffering try a whole body vibration machine. Ours is a tri-angular oscillating unit. ( the kind that goes from left to right. )  So should you decide to buy a whole body vibration machine, my suggestion is to do your homework. * and stay away from any whole body vibration machine made in China, I hear those  machines are a nightmare.

Vibration fitness at my gym

Just the other day I was at my local gym and I noticed something that I had not seen before. It was a machine called a whole body vibration. At first I was a little skeptical, but after months and months of trying to shed my `love handles`with no success I decided to give it a try.  I wouldn't consider myself overweight, however there were those couple of pounds that I just couldn't get rid of. Thus I decided to give vibration fitness a try.  First, for those of you reading this and you haven`t seen or experienced whole-body vibration fitness. It looks like one of those a stair-climbing  machines (without the stairs ) Basically you have a platform that moves your body right to left ( side to side ) like a see- saw then on the machine that I was using, there was a center post with a handle bar of sorts to hold on to and a control panel where you can select the time and the intensity.  So I decided to give it a try.  I hopped on the machine. Turned it on, and pressed start.  The machine started to slowly move side to side in a rocking motion. I slowly increased the speed, and could feel parts of me that haven't moved for years !!

Vibrating exercise machine and weight-loss

I was fat, overweight, and far beyond the course of being out of shape. I was lazy.. used to spend countless hours on my comfy couch sitting watching tv. My job, that I was able to do at my home, made me complacent with the way i looked and dressed. I never left my house. I did everything from my house that I could, I did my shopping online, I ordered my meals ( from restaurants ) online everything with the exception of ordering groceries online. * and there are companies online that will deliver your groceries online ... trust me I have checked... lol. My feeling is that there`s something to be said about being able to touch your produce before you buy it. Anyways.. to get to the point. I saw this machine , and like many people that I have spoke with were skeptical.. However the price being only $1699.00 and the fact that my job paid very well, allowed me the luxury of - ordering one with =out a huge amount of thought, however let it be said.. it was one of the best investments that I have made in years. I had it all, treadmills, ellipticals, solo-flex. you name it.. I tried it.. then I came across this vibrating exercise machine, and I was like what this shakes the fat off me... Then the sales guy told me it was about increasing my metabolism rate or something.. and I said- Why not. A week later it arrived on my door, from FedEx ground, I signed for it and set it up. Took about 15  mins. to get it together, my wife helped so... Anyways . ( the brochure said 10  mins )  Plugged it in. Pressed start and I was off. The next day.. when I got up.. I said to myself.. I am going to start my day off with a session. I hopped on the unit and slow woke up on my vibrating exercise machine. Started my day shaking, with some fresh fruit and a glass of orange juice. Now everyday, I wake up and hop on my vibrating exercise machine and start my day in a natural healthy way.  I find it helps me get going in the morning, and using my vibrating exercise machine is a much more healthy way to start my day, rather than a cup of coffee, like I used to wake up with.

Vibration exercise fitness the natural healthy way to get fit

Vibration exercise fitness, is a natural way to help with such things as burning fat, building muscle , ridding cellulite, getting rid of love handles, lowering blood pressure, increasing of ones metabolism , lessens stress, assists with blood flow and circulation,  helps stimulates drainage in ones  lymphatic system , aids in reducing back and joint pain, helps with bone growth and density, increased sense of balance, boosts serotonin levels, and much much more. Learn to live again, the natural way. Vibration exercise fitness is an alternative in the healing and maintaining the true you.  Live healthy make proper decisions. Make proper decisions. Eat a well balanced meals, drink water. Exercise. Vibration  fitness exercise is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle choice. For those of you looking to get back some of that youth that you once had vibration exercise fitness is the logical ( and natural ) process of getting back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Eating organically, thinking about making the planet greener for eco-friendly, vibration training these are all things that go hand in hand with Vibration exercise fitness.


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